Royalty Owners’ Resource Guide Page Two

Royalty Payments

EnerQuest typically mails royalty checks on or before the 25th of each month. Our policy is to remit checks monthly when the royalty owner’s account reaches $100.

Your monthly royalty payment may vary, due to several factors such as market conditions, maintenance issues, operational/mechanical problems or contractual changes. Please contact us if you believe an error in payment has occurred.

Sometimes, royalty payments may be temporarily suspended. Reasons for this include title matters, property transfer or assignment, legal disputes, notice of death, change of address, etc. In order to prevent suspension, please notify us promptly of any change regarding your interest. (See “Forms” link). Inquiries regarding suspense balances must be made in writing.

Owner Number

Please include your Owner Number when corresponding with EnerQuest. You Owner Number is located on your royalty payment check detail (see “Check Detail” link)

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Check Detail