Royalty Owners’ Resource Guide Page Three

Changes to Your Ownership Interest

Address change: See “Forms” link.

Name change: In case of marriage or divorce, please provide us with a written name change, including your name as it currently appears in our records, your new name, your Owner Number and your social security number. Include a certified copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree.

Transfer or Sale of Interest: The purchaser (or grantee) of your interest must file a deed, assignment or other instrument conveying your title in the interest in the real property records of the county in which the interest is located. EnerQuest requires a certified copy of the instrument and the new owner’s social security or tax identification number, and address.

Adding Spouse or Others to Your Account: Provide EnerQuest with the certified instrument filed in the appropriate county conveying title in the interest to you and the other person. Please include the other person’s social security number.

Change in Trustee: Notify EnerQuest of the successor trustee’s address and provide us with a copy of that portion of the trust instrument that identifies the successor trustee, its duties and powers, and the circumstances leading to the trustee’s replacement.

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